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36 Weeks

New Years Day, 2013- 36 weeks, 5 days

How far along? 35 weeks, 6 days today
Weight gain: I am sure I hit the 20 lb. mark (at least) this week- my baby bump is definitely bigger, in my opinion!
Sleep: Oh goodness. Tuesday night was the WORST. I didn't get to sleep until sometime after 7:30AM! As it is I only taking in an average of 4 hours. I woke up around 11:30am-ish. I tried to go back to sleep but wasn't able to until past 1am last night. Then I woke up at 5:30am this morning. I went back to sleep around 8:30am. I feel so exhausted right now. I am prioritizing real rest right now. I need sleep. Please come to me! 
Best moment this week: Friday I had my 36 week appointment; I was taken off of Procardia, which is insane and encouraged to let me body naturally do whatever it needs to do. This may mean a delivery soon, or it could mean nothing at all. That is scary! But makes so much sense. I have been working on getting off of bedrest, too! I am currently on modified bedrest where the majority of my time is in bed but I move more on my own. Friday-Sunday late afternoon, Maritza and Mayra came from CA to spend the weekend with me. It was such a nice time. We spent Friday just lounging. Geoff treated us to a late night dinner and I got to recline downstairs to hang out with them. We talked for hours and hours and hours. On Saturday, we decided to look up recipes we have been wanting to try. We wrote down all the ingredients for our a meal and dessert and the girls went off to get everything. We ended up having a spa day! We did facials, learned how to curl each others hair with a straightener, did our make up and hair. By the time we were done with our r&r, we were too lazy to cook so we ordered pizza and wings from two different places for them, haha! It was great! At the last minute, we decided to have an impromptu NYE celebration because this year we wouldn't be together. It was so fun! I got to go with them to pick up the pizza- although I stayed in the car. I did manage to get out and guess where to? Haha, the Dollar Tree for some NYE party hats and noisemakers. Too funny! We all ate downstairs and then decided to do our nails- one last touch! We printed out an adult version of Apples to Apples and spent the next hour cutting it up. We even glittered one of my Pellegrino bottles to be fancy! ;) I chilled a bottle of wine for them and had Geoff drink a couple of beers. It was perfect! We took pictures, put frozen grapes on skewers for our wishes at countdown (a Latino tradition), and had the most hilarious time with our very inappropriate game! It was fun seeing everyone booze up and start to get buzzed; made me feel the same haha! We stayed up both nights until past 3am! On Sunday, we decided to make our recipes for lunch- mac n cheese and clean cookies! It was delicious! Geoff left to a car show for a few hours and the girls and I decided to go on my first walk. I went around our condos and had to stop for a 10 minute break on the sidewalk, hahaha! We got back and decided to sit around and read the gossip magazines I had been given (thanks to Leah and B), and lay around. By then, the late afternoon had hit and it was time to depart. Which is always so sad. But we made so many new memories and I couldn't have felt more loved.
Additionally, Geoff and I have been trying to spend every moment we can together prepping for our baby's arrival. We have been deep cleaning and organizing, each little section of our home and I am loving every minute of it. :)
Miss anything?: I think I am done missing anything and just more focused than ever to keep our baby in for at least one more week! 
Movement: Tuesday night-Wednesday all day was incredible amounts of hard movement. I thought by this point he'd be out of room and I would feel it less but that's not the case, at all. My ribcage hurts a lot! As I type this, my belly is moving like a rollercoaster! I need to post some video! Last night, we actually could feel and SEE his entire foot!! It was the most insane thing. It really feels like he is laying in transverse position because I can feel him from one side of me to the other at the same time. But last night, I had Geoff check my belly the way our midwife taught him and it appears that his head is still in place (ready to see daylight), his spine is on my right side and feet on the right side. 
Food cravings: Just enjoying food- any food- while I am pregnant! :]
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Luckily, no, but I am so so so uncomfortable and in pain.
Gender: Little Man! Theme for his first birthday, too, haha!
Labor signs: I am pretty sure I lost a tiny bit of my mucus plug last Saturday night. I also was having a lot more pressure and pain. My lower back has started to hurt with contractions, which is brand new. At my 36 week appointment, I hadn't progressed (still 2cm, 50% effaced) so she said for sure we would make it to at least 37 weeks which is tomorrow. My personal goal is to make it to 38 weeks- basically one more week! Then I'm going to go back to normal life until he decides it's time to come. 
Symptoms: Discomfort and pain! 
Belly button in or out?: Right now, in; but definitely out often!
Wedding rings on or off?: Luckily no swelling as of yet!
Happy or Moody most of the time?: This week has been happy, just nervous!!
Looking forward to: making it another week; finishing up all the deep cleaning in our house! I can't wait to take pictures of how organized every cabinet and drawer looks! Our hospital and diaper bags are completely packed now, too! My to do list is almost done! Geoff has tomorrow off and we have lots of things to get done! My car has needed an oil change for awhile now too! Our nephew's first birthday party is this Sunday, Geoff's grandma's birthday is Monday and our nephew's actual birthday is on Wednesday. Ahhh! That's why I want to make it to 38 weeks- there's WAY too much going on from here until then. I also go back to work on Monday. I am planning on taking it super easy this week though. I have also been thinking tons about laboring and our actual delivery. This morning, I watched the documentary "The Business of Being Born," and then I watched two more parts of it. Wow. Huge eye opener and encourager. After all the research I have done, I really cannot believe how easy it has become for women to let medicines control what our bodies and naturally meant and supposed to do. I am 100% determined now to go all natural, unless for sure it is an emergency where our health depends on medical interventions. Pregnancy, I believe, has made me so much more educated about my body and what it is capable of doing. I have done ample research on both ends and have come to my own conclusions; but today left me particularly empowered! I pray I will not need an induction of any sort, any medicine, etc. My midwife is definitely willing to work with me on anything that she can to grant our wishes but is ready to intervene for whatever will be best for our baby. Which is ideally my "plan." Go as natural as possible with any medical interventions necessary for a healthy delivery! :] Scary and nervewrecking!

Week 36 in pictures:

At exactly 36 weeks ready for my appointment!
I worked on our nephew's birthday decor for this upcoming Sunday:
pomaders; food labels; googly eye Cookie Monster cups; welcome sign,
part of his highchair banner; happy birthday pennant; sign!

Pin the Cookie in the Mouth game; chocolate chip cookie waters;
tupperware for take-home cookies!

One year facts
This is the second hair cut Geoff gives Karston! He looks like a little man now!
& Geoff is so talented!
curls that stay while on bedrest!

She has been SOO cuddly!

NYE a night early

frozen grapes for our countdown wishes, glittered Pellegrino- looks like a xmas tree;
wine for the girls and adult version of "Apples to Apples:" perfect NYE!
Honey Munster has been extra cuddly! She is anticipating something!
The CUTEST thing EVER! She wanted to hang out but was tired so
she built a fort and literally covered up her own head!!
First time ever she has done this!
Squirrel and Honey are BFFs! They are OBSESSED with each other!
Sweetest thing to witness!
Hanging out with my baby bump at 36w6d! <3

It's a celebration!
so fun!


  1. Sooo fun! Crystal watched and wrote about Business of Being Born recently too. Maybe I'll check it out sometime soon. The thought of possibly having to push out a nearly 10-pound baby terrifies me though!

    1. I strongly recommend the film! I had mentioned how most documentaries have not-so-attractive people in them and this one has a pretty girl, haha! It makes a difference, for me, at least! I was very easy going with the whole labor thing (I prefer natural, but I'm open to meds), while now I am 100% natural and Geoff is on board. It just makes soo much sense! I thought about your delivery and how you had said if ever you have another baby, you'd want to see if your doctor would let you naturally go into labor, and the film touches on how 40 weeks is just the estimate and going two weeks over is absolutely okay, too. Pushing ou aten pounder is insane, however, there are ways to prep for it (i.e. perineal massages, etc). Ah, crazy we are talking about this!

  2. Pushing one out without meds*

  3. That doc is so good BOBB! Cute pics, and still wishing you good thoughts and vibes so you make it to 38 weeks =)

    Linda O

  4. Fun times! I had a blast xoxo Almost there, Roomie!


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