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A Letter to Oliver

Oliver D. Cruz Montgomery: (n.) Our sweet, sweet angel/miracle/savior/little man/homie/love of our lives.
We are anticipating the day we first get to lay our eyes on you. All I can do right now is try to put into words how much love we have for you. You are the biggest miracle in our lives; other than your father (whoa, did I just write that?) being here. The story of your creation and life is one that leaves me with tears in my eyes and a joy-filled heart because it reminds me that miracles genuinely happen. We never expected to be able to experience you and yet even though we haven’t officially met you, we couldn’t be more in love with you. You have given me the opportunity to bond with you in a way that is extremely difficult to describe. Watching my belly grow, feeling you move, kick and squirm has been the most amazing experience of my life. I never feel alone. You are the only one who knows what I feel at all moments. You are my reason for being. I love that I can protect you right now. I can shield you from all that is negative in this world. But I also want to meet you already.
 I can imagine looking into your eyes and trying to see into your soul; Playing with your little fingers and toes. The idea that you are created out of an immense love; love between your dad and I. You are 50% of him, and 50% of mine. Yet you are all yours, too. You will have your own thoughts, ideas, opinions and personality. We spent countless conversations trying to figure out what you look like, what you will be like, if you’ll enjoy us and for how long. We talk about you incessantly, and make you the center of our worlds. & you’re not even here yet…
We don’t know what life for the three of us will bring (plus, Honey Munster). But we do know that we adore you. We are willing to do anything and everything to continue protecting you, to keeping you happy, healthy and always know you are loved. We have so many dreams and aspirations for you- we cannot wait to learn what yours are. We eagerly anticipate getting to know your personality- we already know you can be extremely impatient like me, and then change your mind and take all the time in the world like your dad! We know that you are an active little guy and everyone who has even seen you through an ultrasound tells us we are in for it- your energy is contagious. Every kick, squirm and wiggle from inside of me, makes me laugh. It also centers my existence. Reminds me what life is all about.
I hope you always feel loved. I hope you always remember that we are doing the best that we can and we promise to make your life as beautiful as you have made ours. We know we will make many mistakes and we hope you can forgive us for them all. We know that you will make some, too, and we hope we are patient and kind to you through them all, while still help you become a healthy, respectful, fun man. The kind of man that any person will be blessed to know.
Because right now, that’s what you are to us. The blessing we are the happiest to get to meet. You have already changed our lives forever. You are so loved, so anticipated, so special to a lot of us.  We all adore you and cannot wait to meet you.
We promise to make your life as beautiful as you deserve; as beautiful as you have already made ours.
See you soon, Little Man.
Your soon-to-be-Mom


  1. *crying* beautiful...glad you guys finally met him! =) <3 Linda O.


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