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Weeks 34 and 35

35 weeks, 4 days; Christmas Day!

How far along? 35 weeks, 5 days today
Weight gain: Between 18-19 lbs. I am sure it'll be more soon- I haven't gained much in weeks and weeks, so I'm sure I'll catch up! Weird to think that my entire pregnancy has come to a halt- I mean it hasn't but it has...I stopped gaining weight, stopped moving, haha, but luckily my baby bump is still growing- safe and sound. The only place I feel that I can protect him! :)
Sleep: Silly!
Best moment this week: Thinking that it has been THREE WEEKS EXACTLY that we have been on bedrest! That's THREE whole weeks of protecting our baby. I have felt very helpless laying here not being able to move and having to rely on my poor husband to take care of me...but I also realize that this is the ONLY thing I can do for our baby right now. & it has worked for three weeks. I feel proud. :] I'm exhausted of being here but I know it's working and I am more than halfway done! I have had more friends come visit me which is really nice and more appreciated than I can ever explain. The simple things in life make me the happiest.
Miss anything?: Mmhhmm... ;)
Movement: Yes, but I have noticed less flips this week. He is running out of room. My right ribcage hurts so bad at times! I swear his little foot is going to be bruised! It feels as if he gets inside of my ribcage and does the Hokey Pokey! Same with my right hip! My belly is lopsided most of the time, haha!
Food cravings: Not specific ones- other than sweets which is SO weird because I never did before! And tamales! omg, I always want some!! 
Anything making you queasy or sick?: No :]
Gender: baby boy ODCM!
Labor signs: Somewhat under control, I'd say!
Symptoms: Still achy back, stuffed up, the hard contractions make me feel like I could throw up! Probably all the pressure mounting and not having room inside for anything. My belly is SO right, I have no idea how it will continue to grow in these last few weeks! Weeks- ah, scary!  
Belly button in or out?: Sometimes in, sometimes out. Softest part of my body, haha!
Wedding rings on or off?: on and loose!
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Both? One good day, one bad day? 
Looking forward to: We have gotten so much done for our baby! Hospital and diaper bags are pretty much packed- just need to add a couple of items! We ended up getting the Ergobaby and it seems so cool and we got a new style that came out that looks great on Geoff, haha! & I'm going to start looking for a used jogging stroller or save up for the one I registered for because it seems cool! I am so grateful I was able to bedrest from work last week and get some hours since since I had already been docked for a week and a half. So glad my school is on Winter Break this week and next while I'm on bedrest because that way I won't lose on my maternity leave. I will be off of bedrest in a couple of weeks and then I am planning on going back to work and our midwife wants to put me back on an exercise regimen of walking, yoga, basic exercises in order to strengthen up a bit before labor! Hoping I make it to 38 weeks! I am thinking January 15th is a good birthday since it was also MLK Jr.'s birthday and he has always been one of my heroes- I was born in MLK. Jr. Hospital in L.A. so I learned about him at an early age. Definitely think NYE would be too soon and his birthday would always be overshadowed by each new year. His cousin's 1st birthday is on the 8th and I think it would not be fun for them to have to share a birthday every year. His great grandmother's is on the 7th which would be nice but that's too close to the 8th! Then his oldest cousin's is the 19th- but he is turning 14 so that would be good! His actual due date isn't until the 25th so we definitely are not in a rush! I think anytime after mid-January would be great! :] 
Our next appointment is in two days! Just want to hear that everything is going great and kinda figure out where we go from here. From here on out, we go every single Friday until delivery! Insane!
Weeks 34 & 35 in Pictures:
Winter-wear with a baby bump is my faaavorite!

Working while on bedrest

So proud of my door silencer! Took me forever to figure it out but it beat buying it!

My baby cardigans! So in love!

Couldn't ask for better girlfriends! <3
"This is the Life we Live!"
Christmas Eve in bed watching "A Christmas Story" for the first time!

Bedrest from my office. Lucky girl!

obsessed with fruit bowls!

Another couple hours on my office couch!

Hand on the baby bump with my most prized piece of jewelry!

Made fun ornaments for our tree and all my favorite little ones! 
I lay and craft, he watches TV, haha!
Amazing dinner left my plate clean while Honey just looked on patiently! Thanks, Becca-chan! <3
In love with my baby bump!

Geoff & I made treat bags for the nurses when we go in for L&D!
My everyday bedrest buddy spent a day at the Dog Spa!

She sleeps a lot! 
The birthday girl being a good girl!

Lots of Honey Munster pictures! She was our first baby and she is the one other
"person" I spend pretty much 24/7 with! :] Love her, even though she can
be so grumpy at times! EIGHT years old! Eeek! <3

bare baby belly <3


  1. Ugh my third try leaving a comment! I love that you made treat bags for the nurses! I loved each one I had. They give you little stars to fill out for me but it definitely doesn't feel like enough. So thoughtful of you! :)

    1. For them* not me. Ugh these comments things are always freezing in me!

    2. I know what you mean! I always have to copy before I go to post, especially with the captcha code thing! & I have mine completely unprotected- they need to work on this! lol!

      Thanks! We made baggies for each one that comes in along with whoever helps for the L&D; then I'm hoping to buy them donuts before we leave! :]
      I can't believe how soon this is all happening in!


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