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38 weeks and counting!

Cannot believe we have made it this far! What a blessing!

Front view- pushing it allll out! haha! SO in love with my baby bump!

How far along? 38 weeks, 3 days
Weight gain: 21 pounds!
Sleep: I slept pretty well this weekend! Saturday I was pretty sure I was in labor- yet I slept through the night! I don't even remember if I woke up to go to the restroom!
Best moment this week: Our weekend! I really enjoyed my Friday-Sunday!
Miss anything?: Having plans and sticking to them, haa! I am not good at not being able to plan and not knowing when and how our baby is coming is crazy! But you know what? There are VERY VERY few surprises in this life we live. I have to appreciate our biggest one!
Movement: Saturday was a tornado! Sunday was the calm before the storm! Today (Monday) is constant moving and some hiccups as I type!
Anything making you queasy or sick?: No but I did wake up stuffed up this morning and freezing cold! I am fine now so it may just have been a morning thing. Today is "the coldest day of the year," thus far. It really is freezing cold outside. We have big sliding doors that I sleep by in our bedroom and it doesn't help that Geoff doesn't like to sleep in warmth. I've noticed that Oliver's nursery is SO cold!! I can't figure it out but poor baby will NOT be sleeping in there while it is freezing. Geoff and I will have to switch sides in our bed so we can position the bassinet on his side (away from the window) and I can by the baby since I'll be on maternity leave. Really, I should be away from the window, lol!
Gender: Sweet, crazy baby boy! I found where I want to do his first birthday photoshoot! I told you I'm a planner, haha! Totally goes with his Little Man first birthday theme, too! ;)
Labor signs: More mucuous plug, painful contractions that radiated from my back to the bottom of my uterus, and just a feeling. But that was Friday-Saturday. Today: nada!
Belly button in or out?: in and out and simply different!
Wedding rings on or off?: no swelling (yet)!
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Nervous & happy!
Looking forward to: Finishing up the last task on our to do list: our garage! It is already cleaned out and organized, we just have to put some stuff in the cabinet Geoff installed and put all of the bikes on the ceiling. Then we can fit two cars in there! The '41 Chevy should not be outside, ever.
Also looking forward to the next most important day of our lives: the birth of our baby!
Week 37 in Pictures:

Friday at work! I made it through my first week back at school!
This is my friend at work! She is 7.5 months pregnant and I'm 9.5! She is the total norm and
I think so lucky to be showing like she is! I had to wait sooo long for my baby bump!
Not that I'm complaining now, I loooove it! <3

Friday night: First dinner out in 5 weeks!! Texas Roadhouse (yum) to celebrate Grandma Loy's birfday!
I got food on my blouse THREE times! Haha!

Geoff thought it'd be so funny for me to ride on this! The whole time I was on bedrest he kept teasing
me about taking me out in one! After dinner, we went to Target to walk around! First time at a store in 5 weeks! Woot!

Thursday Night crafting with Geoff's help:

Early Saturday morning! We went to three different soccer games for our little loves! First, we had Aiden's game at 8am! It was freezing, thermostat-wise but wasn't bad at all once we were outside! He did SO good! Really ran around and kicked the ball a few times! I still can't believe he is growing up so fast! Time has flown by! My little Penguin!
Carson and Sophie had their games at 10am in the same place- and luckily, they were side by side so we were able to split our time evenly between the two! (Bre has pictures of us and Carson on her phone)! Sophie has become quite the athlete! It amazes me how big all the kids on her team are, and then I realize "holy moly! that's my goddaughter!" I found all of her invites to her birthday parties tonight! Made me teary eyed that she is a big girl now! Carson was so fun to watch, too! He was SO excited and happy!!! He was all over the place which was hilarious to witness- at one point when we left to go to Sophie's, he followed! haha! He was so excited to see us that when we left he looked like he was going to cry :( My little loves are growing up! I wasn't able to go to all three of their first games last week so I'm so glad I got to see at least this one! I can't believe that next year we will have an 11+month old to take! Eek!
After our 8-11am games, we were famished! We went to Denny's for brunch- our first solo date! Much quality time together! I had my first painful contraction of the day around noon this day! We went to Home Depot afterwards to get some organizational stuff for our garage and I continued breathing through my incessant contractions. When we got home, Bre took me to get a mani+pedi because I was so sure Saturday was the day! I was gone from 2-4pm and came home to the same. I cleaned as much as I could (nesting or just being me?). We were going to do our photoshoot and just didn't get around to it because we were working on other stuff and it got too late. I was so sad thinking I was going to lose my baby bump that night and never have it captured the way we had envisioned! The contractions subsided throughout the night and I actually got a full night's sleep! When we woke up Sunday, we thanked God for giving us an extra day to continue with our plans. We spent the whole day shooting our maternity pictures and went to a buffet for lunch/dinner! It was kinda crappy, haha! Oh well, we still stuffed ourselves and laughed the evening away! When we got home we organized some more things and are now focused to go to work on Monday and get things done there. We feel pretty sure Oliver will be here early this week!
Coldest day of the year! Tan, brown, gold and white seem appropriate!

Photoshoot Preview




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