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Hello, Third Trimester!

7 month baby bump [1.5 days shy] & pumpkin bump! <3

How far along: 28 weeks, 2 days today! Less than 12 weeks to go! Whoa! 
Weight gain: +16 lbs. Halfway to what is expected! I bought a pair of maternity leggings and it's so nice not to have anything creating pressure so low! Less trips to the bathroom! lol! Other than those, I am still wearing my regular jeans and all! :) Happy at 7 months! Especially when I get emails with awesome clothes like these:
Nooooo! Hahaha!

Sleep: I made myself a maternity pillow to see if it would help with me rolling onto my back! I didn't want to pay $50 for one so I figured I'd just made a basic one. The first few nights, every time I tried to roll onto my back, I would wake up so it those couple of nights were really restless! I've gotten a bit more used to it now though! But last night, specifically, I had super vivid nightmares and wasn't able to sleep through the night. Crazy stuff!
Best moment of the week: Feeling Oliver move in all these crazy positions! I actually felt him turn/flip today! Super different experience from kicks and stretches. Although, the stretching lately has been incredible. I cannot tell what position he is in or what part is which. He does favor my right side and I feel either his feet or hands on my obliques! That is so crazy! On Halloween, we went to my in-laws to pass out candy. Our neighborhood doesn't get many trick or treaters so we dressed up and went over. It was fun to see some of the little kids dressed up and imagine what life will be like. Although, in all honesty, I'm not a huge fan of kids. My kids in my family (friends included) are a different story as they are extensions of the people we love and we love them each. But random kids...yeah, not so much. Especially, misbehaved children when the parents don't discipline/watch their kids. So it was nice to see some kiddos who had manners and were well-behaved! It made me laugh everytime a parent would come up for candy with their newborn strapped on. Um...remind me never, ever to do that! Anyway, it was so nice to spend the evening with our family and each one got to feel Oliver kick! It is nice to finally have a baby bump! I am loving it!
With our nephew, Karston, as he claps away! <3
Honey Munster was NOT happy being dressed for Halloween! She is so cute, though!
Rosie the Riveter & Nerd! I may or may not be arching my back
as much as it allows! haha! We were the only ones who
dressed up but we love it!
We have had a suuper busy but enjoyable weekend! On Friday, I went to our playoff Football game at work, then ran home to change and make it to my girlfriend's birthday dinner. 
Happy Birfday, Yuky!
On Saturday, I worked at the gym first thing in the morning, then had to run a few errands. We took Oliver to visit Grandpa Frank (whose middle name was 'D' and is who we are naming Oliver after). It was so sweet because Oliver kicked while there. I felt like they were communicating. The morning I decided to take the pregnancy test, I [randomly] thought of Grandpa Frank. So to this day, I feel like he was telling me to take the test :). We also visited our dear friend Anthony. It is so weird to not have them present to share these life experiences with us. But at the same time, I feel so surrounded by them. Every single morning at work, we have prayer together (like mini-mass). We also pray for our intentions and not a day goes by that I don't officially pray for them (along with Don Ruben [Anna's grandfather] and our friend, Bridget.<3 
Hanging out with Grandpa Frank D Montgomery

Visiting Antknee
When we left the cemetary, we decided to go visit Grandma Loy. It was nice to see her again this week and spend some time with her. She loves genealogy, and showed us how she is adding Oliver to our part. Geoff and I have our own little family tree documented now. So cool. While there, we found out that on his grandmother's side, his family dates back to the US to the early 1600s. Prior to that, they come from Scotland. We are not sure on his grandfather's side. We already know that from his maternal grandparents side, they come from Spain. So interesting! 
After our visit, we went home to have a late lunch and hurry up and get ready for two weddings we were lucky enough to witness. One was friends of Geoff's and the other was a vow renewal (after 25 years of marriage). It felt pretty amazing to witness people start their marriage and renew it, as well. The 25 year one made me feel like time will fly by because we are already 10 years down and it feels just a few, haha! We took Cruz (our '41 Chevy) who Geoff named after our baby boy. It was fun but I was soo exhausted by the end of the night! Geoff still had a bachelor party to make it to that night but he was done. It was our first busy weekend out together! 
Hanging out with my date! <3

Sitting at Wedding 2 with my baby!
My little baby bump that I am absolutely loving! <3

Miss anything: Not right now! My sparkling water makes me happy; I actually feel like I'm drinking, haha!

Movement: see above! I got a pretty decent video of his movement tonight! I'll see if I can download it onto the page!
Food cravings: I just sent Geoff for stuff for ice cream sandwiches. I don't think it's a pregnancy craving per se, but what is, is that every time I have dinner, I want some sort of dessert, haha!
Geoff went to two different Subways to find the cookies
& got my mini ice cream cup :) It would have been easier to just
go to a store and buy both, but he knows I am trying to not to have
extras around due to my binge eating, lol! So sweet!
Anything making you sick or queasy: Luckily, not queasy anymore! But I do feel like I'm about to get sick! Perfect time to take my Airborne Chewables to prevent it buuut you can't take them if you are pregnant! Boo! So just prenatals and Vitamin B for this preggo! I reeeally hope I don't get sick, especially during this week! Boo!
Gender: Sweet/crazy baby boy!
Labor signs: Not as many contractions as the last few weeks- so glad!
Symptoms: Feeling pretty tired! Not sure if it's because I have been working two jobs nonstop or a pregnancy symptom! This is my last week at the gym though and I am so excited to just be able to come home after work! 
Belly button in or out: still close to the surface!
Wedding rings on or off: Those plus 1-3 more daily, haha!
Happy or moody most of the time: Some days I feel like myself, others I feel moody! Insane how that happens. It really blows my mind.
Looking forward to: My AZ baby shower is this Friday. Only 5 days away! Three of my closest girlfriends have generously and sweetly gotten together to plan this with the assistance of another gilfriend who is graciously opening her home to us. I am so excited to be around friends who are excited and happy and in celebratory moods! After hostimg my fair share of showers, it is so insane to be on this end! I am so blessed! This month is going to be fantastic! I will be finishing Job #2, & tomorrow we have our Newborn Class! I will be surrounded by friends this Friday, and we get a three-day weekend to celebrate those who fight/have fought for Oliver and the rest of us to have the liberties we do (Veteran's Day). The following week, we will have our Breastfeeding Class, our last monthly doctor's appointment (after that one it will be every two weeks- eek), we are going home to L.A. to be with our two families, we get our 4D ultrasound at 30 weeks, and before we know it, we will move on to the following week which will be Thanksgiving! Another wedding that weekend and a fourth at the end of the month! Haha! Lots and lots going on!
Random happenings this week in pictures:
I had to drive this 15 passenger van for work! Smooth ride, haha!
Faux bangs- highly recommended!!!
& happy 10 year anniversary to us! <3
with SarBear
Hi, Grandma/Momma!

So many friends were talking about these! They're okay! I'm hard to please!
P.S. Random funny story: I went to the market a few days ago because we needed
almond milk and while there decided to get some cereal. Which is usually
my after dinner dessert- Hi, Lucky Charms! Anyway, the man ahead of me in line
had his little daughter. His groceries were: two cases of Newcastle, two of energy drinks, and coffee!
Mine: Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp and Honey Bunches of Oats...with regular & chocolate almond milk! haha! Pregnancy vs. Parenthood! 
This guy is so hilarious! I had him go with me to look for
shoes and he comes down the aisle wearing grandpa shoes!
So excited for Oliver's car seat that was gifted this week!
Oh hey there, Vegas roll!
His & hers! Happy Meal vs. meal-meal. Favorite fries!
Our not-so-little-anymore Gage! We vividly remember going to his
first birthday and during Week 27 weekend, he turned 8!! We had
a baby shower and his birthday party to attend and only made
it to the shower. But he visited us that night to pick up
his gifts! I wonder if Oliver will look like him!?

After work on Sunday morning, we went to town organizing the gym since
we had to move in our office stuff into it. I looove the feeling of being
organized and everything having its own place! It took all day
but was worth it! & we got the whole house cleaned, too!
Now onto the garage! Geoff has until Friday to get it done!
Yes, I'm crossing my fingers! ;)
This week's chalkboard!
& finally, with the chalkboard at 28w5d!
 Found a different place to hang it so my bump pics may be
from the other side for this trimester!
Will it make a difference, I wonder!?

This is so hilarious! I'll end my post with this one...I had been wanting to go to Motherhood because
my girlfriend, Jenn, had told me you could try on full term bellies!
Since my bump is smaller than average, I wanted to see what it would
look like! Crazy, right!? Hold I'm trying on my leggings and try on the
fake bump with them....& call Geoff in....His reaction: "OMG, BABE!!!
Is that a contraction!?!?!?" With the look of panic on his face!! haha!


  1. Hahaha that last picture! Those pillows are funny. I remember the first (and only) time I put one in too. I looooooved cereal when I was pregnant with Aiden. Can't wait til mañana!

    1. Haha, his reaction was the funniest/dumbest thing ever! Getting teased forever! Me, too! Soo excited!!


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