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29 weeks!

Veteran's Day Parade 2012

How far along: 29 weeks, 6 days
Weight gain: +18 lbs.
Sleep: The usual now! Waking up a few times to go to the bathroom but Iknow I’m not getting enough rest. We go to sleep way too late and Oliver’splaytime is always around 11pm and we always check in with him at that time.Which calls for too much excitement, conversation and time ticking away withearly mornings a few hours away. Makes for very tired soon-to-be parents!
Best moment of the week: At 29.0 weeks (Friday), we had our baby showerand it was so amazing to be surrounded by friends who love us so much and wantto celebrate with us. I’ll be posting pictures as soon as I receive them! Mycamera decided to not work; I ended up having to order a new part for it, so Ihad to rely on friends taking pictures. I loved all the details that mygirlfriends who planned it put together (Bre, Becca & Yuky- thanks so muchgirls)! I finally got to give them their hostess gifts which made me happy,haha. I love gift giving! I am full of so much appreciation that theycompletely went out of their way to coordinate together and plan this specialevent for me, for us. It was hilarious and fun! Unlike any shower I have everattended and everyone had a blast! 115 jello shots?! I didn’t make it homeuntil past midnight! Seriously, amazing!

Saturday morning, I woke up really earlyand thanked everyone who attended or sent something. I was texting with mygirlfriend who lives out of town and decided that it was the perfect day tophysically be there for her so I left on a roadtrip out of town. There issomething so nice about being able to hug a friend when needed most. <3
Also, Geoff and I attended our last class at the hospital. This one focused on breastfeeding and it was extremelyinformative! It’s really the route we want and hope to take, but we don’t knowvery many friends who have done it. It was really interesting to learn howwell-equipped our bodies are to not only CREATE life but also to nourishanother human being. Amazing! I feel so much more confident, educated andinformed on how to go about it now.
Little guy at our Breastfeeding class

Miss anything: Sunshine! It has been gloomy the last couple of days.& while I love wearing tights, boots, leg warmers, gloves, scarves, etc…Idon’t like to be cold and gloomy weather messes with my mood too much!
Movement: Absolutely! I love hanging out with my little man. 
Food cravings: Nothing specific thisweek. My Pellegrino sparking water tends to curve my need for alcohol- forright now, haha!
Anything making you sick or queasy: Stillfighting off a cold! I woke up with a throatache this morning which for me isthe worst sign of a cold. My throat knocks me down like no other. L Itfeels a bit better as the day is progressing but it’s still there. I hope itgets completely eliminated by tomorrow!
Gender: Oliver D Cruz Montgomery—we decided to go without the period! :)
Labor signs: contractions have calmed down a bit. Woot!
Symptoms: so tired lately! Can’t tell if it’s just my lack of rest orpregnancy. I did read that at this point, a common symptom is exhaustion.
Belly button in or out: Goodness- lopsided?! It’s so weird! Baby prefersto be on my right side, so half of my belly button wants to pop out more thanthe other side!
Wedding rings on or off: I <3accessories! So still comfortably on, plus more!
Happy or moody most of the time: both!I don’t like being moody! Making a BIG effort to surround myself with onlypositivity! 
Looking forward to: This entire weekend! This afternoon, we have our(almost) 30 week appointment and I think we may be able to see our baby- I’m socurious to see what his position is- although I know it can change a bunch oftimes. Anything we get to see or hear our baby is amazing though! Counting downthe hours til then! Also looking forward to having lunch with Geoff and hisco-workers tomorrow- they are celebrating his part in all of this, haha! Wealso leave to L.A. tomorrow to be surrounded by our two little families. ;) On Saturday morning, mi familia is going with us to our 4D ultrasound! Hoping we get a clear picture but my expectations are pretty “eh!” about it! I know wewaited too long but it was so important to me that I get to share this withthem. Then we will be with our other little family for the rest of Saturday.Sunday, we’ll be returning back and making some stops along the way. I havebeen dying to go to Zara’s because it by far has the perfect baby boy wardrobeEVER! It is my #1 store for Oliver! Too bad it’s too pricey for me but I’mhoping there’s some sort of sale that will make me feel better about buyingbaby skinny jeans and a scarf! Lol! I am also looking forward to sellingeverything we are trying to declutter so that we can buy our baby his essentials. Why is baby stuff so expensive! Eek!
This came in right as we were leaving to L.A. Baby will wear this once he is born! :)

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