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Weeks 30 and 31!

How far along? 30 weeks & 31 weeks (two week update)! Technically, today I'm 32.1 weeks but I am updating for Weeks 30 & 31. 
Weight gain: Steady at 18 lbs. with a growing baby bump! :)
Sleep: Sleep has been really, really uncomfortable. I am not necessarily waking up to pee as often as I used to, but I cannot get comfortable enough to fall asleep and stay asleep! It is really frustrating. I got the best sleep I have had in months and months and months this Friday night (technically at 32.0) at a hotel! I slept for 7 hours straight without waking up once! It was amazing! I don't understand why that is not happening every night!
Best moment this week: These two weeks definitely had some best moments! At exactly 30.0 weeks, Geoff had a baby shower at work that I was invited and able to go to. It was so sweet to see him be surrounded by coworkers that absolutely love him! We were blessed enough to receive hundreds of diapers and wipes that are soo helpful! Newborn diapers have got to be the cutest little things ever! That same afternoon, we rushed to make it to L.A. by 7pm to make it to Zumba class with my sisters! It was stressful getting there because there was so much traffic and we were on a big time crunch to make it to class on time. I know going to the class wasn't a big deal but I never get to do anything "typical" with my family. Living so far away means that I only see them every few months when I happen to go for someone else's thing; meaning, it leaves us with extremely limited time to do anything and usually a short visit has to suffice. To be able to go to class with them meant I got to do something they normally do. Geoff was so amazing and managed to safely (and ticket free), get us to class by 7:10pm at the latest! I joined in on the second song and got to hang out for the next 50 minutes with my two sisters and niece. I got a lot of stares, apparently because girls with baby bumps don't usually keep up, haha! It was funny! After class, we went to my mom's where we hung out for an hour or two and then went for an extremely late dinner with my dad. It was really nice to catch up and hang out. We got home pretty late and had to wake up early Saturday morning to go to my 4D-30 week ultrasound. The next morning consisted of more rushing. I invited both my parents, my two sisters, niece, nephew and sister's boyfriend. Unfortunately, we arrived 15 minutes late (augh, traffic and too many people) and despite me calling ahead to time to let them know, they wouldn't take us. I stayed extremely calm despite the lady working being a total B...I couldn't believe that I wouldn't get to see my baby that I had waited soo long to see, so long to share this moment with my family, and I probably wouldn't be able to see until he is born. Luckily, the receptionist was really nice and called in and told us they had a cancellation for an appointment in 2 hours. We decided to take it! We stayed nearby and grabbed breakfast and returned to a much nicer ultrasound technician (same girl, change in attitude). Seeing Oliver D Cruz was amazing! He definitely has my nose and lips and since that's the main defined features so far, it's insane to really figure out what/who he will look like. But it was so realistic and amazing. More than anything, it was amazing to share this with my family. He had his hand AND foot near his face (weirdo!) so the girl asked me to eat candy and exercise to move him around. It was hilarious to see myself go through a super quick workout with my family and then eat a KitKat bar as fast as possible. In retrospect, how did I not throw up? Lol! He moved around a little bit and we got a few clearer shots. He definitely is going to be a blankie-over-the-face baby! At the end, she hooked me up with a teddy bear with the baby's heartbeat- too cute. I gave it to my parents since they don't get to be around my baby bump and my dad held it for hours after. Tiny detail that I noticed and thought it was so sweet. It was raining, and he even kept it under his jacket. :)
After this, I left to see our other family (minus our out-of-town Squirrel- missed you!) and had the cutest, most chic baby shower! I pay so much attention to details and the girls did not disappoint! It was absolutely amazing and fun! I got to see so many girlfriends from high school and college that I hadn't seen in years- it was sooo nice and cozy! The boys all left together to do their own thing and at the end of the night, we all reunited for a little while. We are so so so blessed. The fact that we have been able to maintain such strong relationships/friendships with them despite living so far away is beyond me. The effort put forth is what makes it work but it goes beyond expectations. I love them so much and am so appreciative of their love, understanding, support and dedication to our friendship. Oliver D Cruz is going to have the coolest families. 
By the next day, it was time to leave and I ended up crying on my way out. Hormones + realizing how much you are missing by living far away from family = sad.
Later that week, we finally chose our pediatrician and so far as super pleased with our choice! The real test will be once our baby is here, but for now, that's a big check off our list! 
Week 31 started off with Thanksgiving! How perfect! I looove Thanksgiving food so I was excited! Spending some time with all of our family here was so nice and fun! I really enjoy family time (not just our blood family but our friend family in L.A. & that handful here in AZ). Maximizing our time and experiences with them is the most meaningful times right now for me. The next day, Geoff was in a friend's wedding and we had a night out with everyone- something we had not done in mooooonths! It was so fun and we spent the whole day/night laughing and dancing. Dancing with a baby bump is kinda weird, haha! The next morning, I called up some of my faves and had a Starbucks date. It was soo refreshing and fun to see these family members even for a little bit. Lately, all I want is to have meaningful and significant moments with those I cherish. I know my life is about to change drastically (even though I already feel that it has), and I don't know what our cards hold. I do know that I know what it's like to have 90% of your friends become mothers, which obviously takes priority over everything and everyone, and unfortunately, often times pushes friends away. Having these experiences as the outsider in the situation, I want to make sure that I get these moments to bond, laugh, just enjoy each other. I want to share where I am in my life with them and make them feel just as part of it. :)
As the week progressed, both Geoff and I had super busy and crazy weeks at work. We did manage to refinance our house at an excellent rate! Our payment will go down a couple hundred dollars which will go straight towards our new baby insurance monthly payment. Oh vey! When did becoming an adult mean having so many financial responsibilities? We decided we are having a weekend yard sale at Week 32. We have SO many medical bills that keep getting sent to collections from Geoff's second round of Cancer & surgery and SO many things our baby still needs (or better yet, we need for our peace of mind). But, it will be refreshing to declutter! :)
Another best moment during Week 31: Geoff and I took a tamale making class! It was one of my favorite dates in our 10 years! So fun, so intimate and much needed break from our busy schedules! Loved it! So did Oliver! ;)
At 31.6 weeks, we had our two week appointment with our midwife and everything is looking good! I'm just supposed to keep a careful eye on my contractions. I measured at 31 weeks (instead of 32) but she said that was normal, especially for my "tight, tiny belly!" haha!
Miss anything?: pretty content right now! I know I will be missing a lot of my out-of-town family (friends and relatives) because I think we are going to have to stay in AZ again this year for Christmas. I really hope my family is able to come, although it's looking less and less likely. Last year, Geoff and I had out first Christmas without my family. It hurt my heart. & just thinking of going through that again while pregnant makes it break a little bit. Praying it all works out! But by Christmas I will be 36 weeks (4 weeks away from delivery) and I don't know that traveling will be good for me, with these contractions I'm having. I want my baby to make it to a minimum of 37 weeks (or full term) and refuse to do anything to get him going ahead of time. I have even stopped working out- I'm staying active, but no typical workouts. :/
Movement: By these weeks, our baby seems to have run out of room, so his movements are so strong, hard, frequent and absolutely visible. It's insane. It has gotten to the point where it actually hurts sometimes! He is head-down and in position now! Exciting! & starting to feel pressure, as well!
Food cravings: I always have a sweet tooth now! Really?! Never ever had one before! I also crave meat. & cereal...but not together, gross! haha!
Anything making you queasy or sick?: I am finally not sick! I was starting to cough last week but doing so much better. At times I feel congested but I read that it is expected. 
Gender: our sweet, crazy baby boy. <3
Labor signs: Back to more frequent contractions.
Symptoms: Difficulty breathing; rib cage feels suffocated; belly feels like baby is going to shred it in half! So just lots of discomfort as he grows but no actual pains, which I attribute to staying active throughout my pregnancy! 
Belly button in or out?: So as of this last week, I have an outie most days! So so so so so weird! It is definitely out and not gross like I imagined! haha! 
Wedding rings on or off?: on
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Pretty moody. Happy go lucky like myself one day, and irritable the next. So weird!!
Looking forward to: We are going to L.A. this upcoming weekend (at Week 33) one last time for my niece's birthday. I am hoping for another great weekend there! Today is December 1st: next month, I'm having a BABY!!!

Oliver's ribs at 30 weeks!
Dressing my baby bump for work!
31.0 weeks
How adorable are these suede mocassins!?
First eveeeeer food drop caught by my belly! [technically at 32.0 weeks but I had to share]!
Baby Momma steeze!
Who needs maternity clothes?!
Our Christmas decor! SO in love with it! I saw a picture on Pinterest and Geoff
helped me duplicate it! It's hard to tell but it's all gold ornaments plus our favorite ones
from throughout the years. Sentimental ornaments are a BIG deal in our home & our
little tradition each year is to put up the ornaments and tell the story of each one.
We added small gold acorns, too! Love it!!
denim vest + maxi skirt + mocassins: comfort and steeze!
FOUR weddings in November: mocktails down!
My husband is SO handsome! <3


  1. What an UNREAL ultrasound photo!

    I am absolutely amazed! I think Oliver is the first baby that I can actually SEE in an ultrasound, lol.

    I've been faking it for years. True story.

    I read all of your updates, and I feel so lucky that you and G are open to sharing your experiences, so Thank You!

    10 more weeks and we get to meet the raddest baby boy!

    - shanika

    1. My dearest Shanika!
      I love and adore you!!!! I am so glad we got to reunite and can't wait to do it again!!! xoxo!

  2. "I get meat and cereal cravings, but not together..eww!"-hahaha. Love you, Roomie!

  3. Why did I start to tear up when you said your dad held on to the teddy bear? so cute! Wishing you a continually wonderful pregnancy...can't wait to see your baby and you guys as parents! =)
    Linda O

    1. It was so cute, Linda! Thank you for your support! It is invaluable and much appreciated!!


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