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26 weeks

Official Baby Bump!!! 26 weeks, 3 days!
How far along: 26 weeks, 5 days today but 26.3 in the picture
Weight gain: at 26.0 I was still at +14 pounds. Then I ate donuts all day and had lots of delicious treat meals over the weekend (my pregnancy compromise: eat clean all week, get a lil dirty on the weekends!), so I know for sure I am at least +15, by now.
Still no need for maternity clothes, although by how low he sits, I know I’ll need some soon- at least some pants.
Sleep: Wah, hardest time going to sleep and falling asleep. I am exhausted! Geoff constantly wakes me up throughout the night because I’ll be sleeping on my back; which is so strange because prior to being pregnant I could never sleep on my back! Sometimes, I still sleep on my tummy, which has always been my favorite, but lately, I have to bring up my knee to my chest so I’m not completely flat. I’ve asked and done my research and it’s perfectly safe, so I’m taking advantage of it while I can. They say it’s best to lay on your left side but my right is my preferred, lol. So longer story short, sleep is hard!
Best moment of the week: We had an appointment on Friday (at 26.0 weeks) and I also had my glucose screening test done. I lucked out with my midwife’s awesome planning because the first thing I did was take the glucose drink- which did not taste bad at all; just like fruit punch. Typically, one waits for blood work to be done in an hour. Well, she planned to see me for my regular appointment in between! We really wanted to see our baby but this was the second time in a row that she didn’t perform an ultrasound for us. She had told us that from late second trimester on, that’s how we would roll, but she has spoiled us! The baby is now measuring on time (right at 26 weeks-perfect!) and I had a couple of contractions in front of her, so it was good to see her not get alarmed. Hearing his heartbeat is always so reassuring, too! After the appointment, we got blood drawn and by Monday morning I received the results, which were all within normal ranges! Woot! When we were leaving, she scheduled ALL of our appointments from here on! That was crazy to see! So we see her again in a month, then after that it’s every two weeks, then every one week until delivery! Ahh!
The next day, Saturday, Geoff and I had our first childbirth class at the hospital (after I trained a client at the gym). It was such a long day 9am-7pm but it was worth it. We learned a lot of information that we hadn’t been really exposed to before. I am so interested in finding out what my choices are, which apparently, we have the right to choose everything, they just don’t advertise it (as long as all things go textbook stylee). So we have a lot to think about. It was fun taking a class with Geoff and he quickly learned that although I have been going to school all my life, I am a horrible, easily-distracted student.
On Sunday, I had a couple of clients first thing in the morning. Then we decided to go to the first Farmer’s Market of the weekend that was located at our wedding venue. It was nice to be out doing something we both love together and showing our baby bump where we got married! We went out to lunch afterwards and then ended up at the movies- a very rare treat for us! We ended up driving out to make our own peanut and almond butter and pick up some groceries and of course stopped for some froyo. When we got back into town, we passed by 8th Street and both smelled all the tacos, so picked up dinner along the way- even though I had sopes and a tostada, haha! It was SO nice to have a full day with my husband who can function on his own at this point. I can’t wait to only have one job!
Another best moment this week was on Monday. I woke up with my baby bump higher than ever and it has actually stayed like that! I officially look pregnant (hence, the picture)! So exciting!!
Miss anything: Not much this week!
Movement: Like crazy! I can’t seem to figure out what part of him is his head or his feet! I can’t wait to see him and figure out what position he is in! Our next appointment is November 15th and we’ll be able to see then. It’s insane to think that by then we will be 30 weeks!). We are going to risk it and get our 4D ultrasound that Saturday (the 17th) too, because we want to be able to share that experience with my mom. It’s hard being so far away and not be able to share the regular everyday stuff with her. So even though now is the prime time to go see our baby, I’m going to push the limits and hope that we get good results the weekend we are in town in L.A. I hope he cooperates! J
Food cravings: Nothing specific this week. I was super excited to have donuts last Friday, though!
Anything making you sick or queasy: Other than feeling exhauuusted, I’m feeling fine!
Gender: our baby boy who we can’t wait to see! I wonder all day and night what he is going to look like!
Labor signs: way too many contractions on Friday and Saturday. The most I had ever had! It was alarming! But not more than 6 in an hour and by Sunday I was a lot better! As long as he makes it to 37 weeks (full term) then we’ll be good!
Symptoms: no calf cramps this week! Yay! Just feeling super tired and having a belly stick out is crazy! Feels heavy!
Belly button in or out: It is thhhiiiissss close to becoming an outie! So weird!! Yesterday, when I got home, a little part of it was sticking out- so gross! Haha! The baby loves to be on the right side of my belly so it pushes out way more than the left. It was hilarious!
Wedding rings on or off: I <3 accessories! So still comfortably on, plus more!
Happy or moody most of the time: Oh, boy! I had been lucky enough not to notice any of these effects until recently. Pregnant girls DO get moody! Lol!
Looking forward to: November! I cannot wait! We have celebrations (our baby showers) and weddings every single weekend!! It’s all going to be ridiculously busy but so fun, I think! One more week of October!
The glucose fruit punch at Friday's appointment! Not bad at all!
Probably the culprit of the next picture...
G was shocked when I told him I actually caved in
and had donuts after Friday's appointment haha!
Geoff trying on the empathy/sympathy belly at our Childbirth class, hilarious!
My mom sent me my birth card this week. I can't believe she's kept it!
She said now we can compare Oliver to us! <3
Honey Munster laying on my baby bump!
Which looks huge at this angle! haha!
Our Tuesday night treat!


  1. Love being able to read these updates (especially, on weeks like these where we've been playing phone tag). I feel all caught up, now! Such a fun post. Love you, my amazing and gorgeous Roomie!

  2. I love these!!! Honey Munster looks like she's listening to her little brother! So adorable! And Jefe is rockin' the bump! Love you guys!!


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