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Nursery Sneak Peek!

Our baby boy's nursery is all done! Well, at least until our baby shower! 
Here are some pictures with some details:

Colors: Grey & Teal (although some pictures look turquoise). We knew for sure we wanted grey and a brighter color as that is what we had planned for the room anyway, as our office. Geoff color matched the grey and we went the stripes that we had wanted anyway. They bled through and we had to go back with tiny paintbrushes to fix the leaks! Our Momma came to help! Thank, goodness! We randomly had turquoise spray paint in the garage and tried it out. We didn't like it and searched for a darker shade until we found the perfect shade of teal...that photographs like turquoise haha!
Crib: When we thought we were having a girl, I had imagined my wedding reincarnated in the nursery: vintage, lace, pomanders, whimsical & romantic. When we were sure we were having a boy, obviously my vision had to change. So I went with a modern, whimsical twist. I fell in love with a grey crib that was well over $700. One night, I randomly found a knock off at Wal-Mart for $200 (& it's a convertible bed- score!)
Dresser: We knew we didn't want a changing table as there is no point in them. Plus, the angle at which you are to lay the baby down didn't make sense to us. We found some cool corner ones but they seem like such a waste of money to us, so we went on a hunt for a dresser. We looked on Craigslist and yard sales for weeks but we refused to pay the same price as a used one on a piece that we were going to refurbish anyway. On my birthday, Geoff went to the last place we hadn't checked and voila! All wooden, 6 drawer dresser with vintage pull handles that we kept intact! $85 score!
Owls: We randomly found these cute little bright owls at Wal-Mart one day on our way out for $1! We used them as a pennant for the crib just to see what they would look like and fell in love. It gave the room the pop of colors we wanted and it was the exact colors we were thinking! We went out for froyo one night with Momma and decided to go to Ross since it was a weekday and about to close. We knew we needed a new curtain rod and Geoff randomly found these cute 'hear no evil, see no evil...' owls! LOVE! 
Name: We knew we wanted to display his full name and when we thought it was a girl, I was obsessed with the wooden monogram in a cursive. I thought about doing it with a less girly font but then remembered these yarn letters I had seen on Pinterest. But that's a lot of letters to buy and it would get super pricey. So I decided to make them: printed out a classic font, used the cardboard from the stroller we bought, and one pound of yarn. I didn't even use half of it and the total cost was about $3!
Mobile: I really wanted clouds! I had seen some super cute ones on Pinterest and ages ago had pinned making real looking clouds with lights in them! I didn't use a tutorial or anything, just opened up a pillow and went to work. At first, I didn't like it and Geoff thought it looked weird. We even went looking for an embroidery loop to hang them from. We couldn't find a regular wooden one so came home and just decided to hang them as is, just to see. We both fell in love! So different and unique! Cost: Free!
Book racks: We went to Ikea and bought 6 spice racks for $3.99 each! Geoff spray painted them when we got home and they look awesome! 
Frames: We also found these awesome off-white frames at Ikea and decided to use scrapbook pages we bought at Michael's in the same colors as the owl pennant! 
Curtains & bed skirt: I used grey chevron fabric that I bought online for $40 to make them! I still have enough fabric left for any other little project that may need it. We also bought some black out grey curtains to double up- they have worked great since the sun sets on that window and it gets super hot!
Clothesline: I used black raffia and tiny clothespins from our wedding to showcase our favorite little outfits. 
Cars: Geoff used an unused shadow box to display his favorite Hot Wheels he'll be giving to Oliver. :)
Nightstand: We used an old basic wooden nightstand that we already had- just painted it grey! I made a pennant using scraps of leftover fabric I had. Another free set of items!
Diaper Bag: Love that it's a regular purse/tote that I bought this summer! Perfect size for a diaper bag without screaming baby & I bought a divider for the inside on eBay for 99 cents!
Glider with stool: a $35 find on Craigslist! Woot! I reupholstered it for $20 and still have tons of fabric leftover for more projects!
Pomanders: I still had to make some! A couple of bucks of tissue paper add the added corner oomph since the lace/doily round lamp I had envisioned wasn't going to happen.

Overall, just like our wedding, we proved to ourselves that we don't have to spend tons of money to have something that looks amazing and like if we spent tons of money on it. 
We are completely in love with our nursery and hope Oliver loves it just as much! 


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