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// when i grow up //

what did you dream of? what was your dream career as a child? i remember wanting to be an astronaut but i get too dizzy...i remember being so set on being a lawyer's secretary because they dressed so professional and carried around briefcases in all the novelas my mami college, i was still unsure. i majored in international development studies with a minor in cultural anthropology and daydreamed of working for some diplomatic government agency to help third-world countries find sustainable ways to develop; not to westernize them, but to help them find what works for them and help them use their natural resources to sustain themselves. i imagined traveling constantly, and starting my own non-profit organization that helped inner-city youth stay off the streets, by providing innovative and creative forms of self-expression and community service.

teaching fell into my lap and i worked hard to master my craft, to still find that difference in the world i wanted to make, especially with working with an underserved population. now i am counseling and i feel like it's a dream.

on the side, i have become a certified personal trainer and relaunched a teeny tiny clothing company and to be completely honest, right now, i would love the ability to be able to work from home. to be able to be around my toddler more every day and watch him grow. yet create my own position, still counseling, and personal training and making clothes, but at my own pace, rather than on an educator's salary. ohh, how'd i love to event plan, too. themes and details are my jam! 

maybe one day, maybe not. i do feel that if i set my mind, i could do this, but there's just soo much!

do you ever look at your life and think back to what you imagined your life as? was it like this? i'm sure everyone's visions + realities changed throughout time. but how much? to what extent? how hard are you willing to work to make your dreams come true?

i feel so blessed to be in the profession i am. i feel so blessed to dip my feet into such a small creative venture. but i do find myself wondering...what exactly will i be when i grow up?

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