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// conversations with oliver //

conversations with oliver have become to hilariously exciting for this first time mama. he repeats everything and has something to say about every little thing. my little chatterbox. this definitely is a favorite age for us. currently, some of our faves include:

whatcha doing, mama/dadee/nana?
(he asks this non-stop about everything)

mine do it!
(mr. independent and don't you dare try to do anything for him)

you love meee
(as he sings his barney song every night)

dear god, i love you god, thank you god
(his nightly prayer followed by a million 'te amo' and 'i love you's to us as we leave his room)

Every morning he seems to be waking up earlier and earlier and bring an entourage with him. Wake up- Dad-ee!

Never misses a workout with Mama. 

Whatcha doing mama? Ah-ver (oliver) draw!

gardening with Moe the Tortoise

Lobo + Oliver

See the itty bitty worm he is putting back in?

can't stop, won't stop!

playing with natalia <3

daily green smoothies in baby mason jars

mama, sit down!

the day he got his shots and his dr called him chubby haha

ni' ni' baby

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