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I've been meaning to update my blog for quite some time now, but life has gotten the best of me. In between work, coaching, maintaining my home, relationship, training for a half marathon and limited social life, I find simple pleasures out of thinking what I should be blogging about. So far, I have blogged only about my recipes but lately I've been slacking off in that department. I still cook tons but forget to take pictures or update this. A few weeks ago my Facebook status read, "I wish I were a professional blogger!" I really do! I was up for a job in communications that would allow me to do this but opted for a different one. I figured I would still get my fix with our CaringBridge blog, FB updates, and this! But just like everything in my life, my attention span goes from one thing to another and never settles. I've done so much in my life that most people complete in their entire lives, yet I can never seem to settle. Which is definitely a good thing but can be tiring and sometimes I just wish I would just have it in me to relax and just breathe! From clothing company [currently in hiatus since Jefe got sick], to photography [also on hiatus], to careers, three degrees, cooking clean, etc., etc.....Pshhhh! Soo much, too much at times, and yet not enough! I'm simply too complicated!

Anyway, I decided that I could include all things I'm currently obsessed with in my blog! This includes my travels, style, food, and fitness! I'll try to include a bit of everything in this post!

Jefe and I have been very fortunate to travel A LOT throughout our almost nine year old relationship. From many major cities around the U.S. to different countries all over the world, we have come to appreciate any time we get to escape our busy schedules and just make time for ourselves. We always return refreshed in our relationship and reconnected, which to us, is very important to the success of our love. Back in May, I got a LivingSocial deal for a weekend getaway in Palm Springs at a condo resort for really cheap! I immediately tried to get a group of us to go together but just like us, everyone else's schedule is really hectic so I went ahead and got one for us anyway. I surprised Geoff with it for his birthday this last month and we were able to go this last weekend!

We stayed at the Oasis Resort in Palm Springs. It was really clean and the staff was really nice; the premises were a bit outdated but perfect for our little weekend. We arrived Friday night and once we checked in and unpacked, we were starving for dinner! We found a nearby Chipotle and of course, Jefe wanted a burrito from there! We contemplated going bar hopping downtown but opted for staying in and relaxing instead! Great choice! We hit up a local Ralph's (thank goodness my savings card is still activated from my UCLA days)! We shopped for breakfast and lunch for the next day! It was so fun! It almost felt like playing house, minus all the real world responsibilities of actually owning a house [ahem, rook leak, anyone?]

The next morning, we made breakfast and ate on our balcony- we're lucky enough to have one at home and get to use it when the weather gets better; but since the weather was nicer there, we were happy to use it! We made mimosas with peach champagne and ended up just drinking the champagne as is! So delish! We then went for a 5 mile bike ride- sooo fun/funny!

We went back home and relaxed then made lunch. Greek salads & grilled outdoors! We ate inside and I watched SATC2, while Geoff watched baseball in between commercials. We lounged around and relaxed then went out to the pool. We took naps and really enjoyed our time. Then we showered, hung out some more, and then decided to play tennis! We hit up the courts, I kicked Geoff's butt [4-2] and then we went out to get take-out from Native Foods! I hadn't been there since my UCLA days when I would go with my roommate, Ally all the time! I didn't even realize it was a franchise! We ordered nachos, sweet potato tacos and quinoa mac n cheese. Holy moly, everything was SO good! Better than I remembered! I was immediately inspired to make the tacos with the sweet potatoes sitting in my fridge! On our way back home, we stopped at Trader Joe's and stocked up on our faves- we found some awesome corn and flour tortillas that would be perfect for the tacos! Trying them tomorrow- stay tuned!

Cruisin' along!

Today I feel like such a fatty (not in the actual sense of the word but in the I-just-ate-junk-food-and-didn't-work-out-type-of-way! Nothing a glass or two of wine can't fix! Fitness is something that has become extremely important to me. Not necessarily because of weight or anything [I'm lucky enough to be pretty comfortable with my body], but mainly for the health benefits. I also have always been stronger than the average girl my size and I LOVE feeling strong and tough. I get so happy when my body (especially my arms and abs) look strong. It's really motivating to see that the majority of my girlfriends are into fitness as well! I love it because we always bounce ideas and workouts back and forth with each other. Back in March of 2010, [my Linda Cochina] Becca, had told me about Jillian Michael's "The Shred." At the time I had started doing some Biggest Loser workouts at school [thanks to Leah and my Salida homies], so I was already familiar with the style. The rad thing about "The Shred" was that it was ONLY 20 minutes and left you feeling like you had just spent 45 doing it! I fell in love immediately and used it along with my regular workouts. I then tried "Insanity" for three weeks then moved to P90x (Thanks, Josh)! With all of these workouts, I felt like I was in the best shape EVER! I loved it! So strong and fit! When JM came out with the "Ripped in 30" DVD, I did the full 30 days straight with my mirror, Bre! It was so awesome and in between these 30 days, we decided we needed to add cardio to our workouts. We began in June with 2 miles. Now we're up to 9! It's pretty insane and we are 5 weeks away from our first half marathon! I even started coaching cross country! For the record, I don't LIKE running. But it's the ONLY thing that pushes me, and only me, to my limits. Mind, matter, it! Is it November 13th, yet?!

Which brings me to today...back in the daily grind. Work was....interesting to say the least. I didn't feel motivated to run so I opted for coming home early and hanging out since Jefe is not home until late tonight (and counting 8pm...). This morning I wore a sock bun to work and Geoff shook his head, laughed and said "seriously!?" haha! Yes, I'm weird but love being me! Some things I pull off, others I don't, but damnit, I'm going to give it my own steeze! Mind you, rocking your own personal style that tends to be slightly off can be critical in front of hundreds of high schoolers a day...but whatev, got tons of compliments and decided I should do a tutorial! Upcoming post, I think yes!

Sock bun a la Canela

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