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Changing weather & upside down home.

On Jefe's birthday [over a month ago], it rained so hard! It was the perfect birthday celebration for him; he ADORES the rain!
Playing in the September Rain
I've found a new appreciation for it because prior to moving to the desert, I used to despise it. I'm sure when we move back to California I'll despise it still but the weather in the Desert Southwest is some of the hottest temperatures I have ever experienced in my entire life. Sure, other places have horrid humidity, & that in my opinion, can be worst at times. But, in reality, when I think about my little students (not the big ones, my prior ones) and my future children, I just can't imagine them enjoying their days outdoors. My former second graders would be drenched in sweat and come to the pick-up line early and fight for the little space of shade during recess! I want my future kiddos to run around and enjoy sunshine and all things outdoors. Granted, the winters here are gooorgeous but I don't know if I can settle for half indoors, half outdoors. With the horrid Cancer now in our family, I would want somewhere with a more moderate climate to raise a family. I don't comprehend why it must feel so HOT! haha! However, I must say that one can learn to survive in it. Now that I started coaching Cross Country and actually RUNNING alongside my students, I can say that one can survive 115-120 degree weather at 4pm (the hottest part of the day). Whenever I see people running outside during the day, I no longer think they are crazy; I high-five them [silently, through my car window] and become encouraged to do the same...

However, both yesterday and today have been a drastic change when it comes to climate. Yesterday was very pleasant and I even thought to myself that a light cardigan would have been nice to wear! Today, when I introduced and taught weather to my students, they described it as "Hace frio y viento!" {translation: "it's cold and windy!"} I hadn't been outside since sunrise and luckily by the time 4pm hit and practice started, all was pleasant again. Now, if only my groin would heal so I could run properly...sigh...

Anyway, the reason I wrote about it raining on Jefe's birthday over a month ago, is because we suffered water damage in our house. Apparently, a roof leak caused damage that was evident in our kitchen and both walk-in closets (we each have our own- mine in the master bedroom, and his in the gym...& for the record, his is bigger than mine)!! Well, since certain parts of our house are insured through our HOA, it has taken thiiiiiiis long to get anything to happen. Yesterday was Day 1 of the demolition....& all that happened was that they wrapped each area. I came home to this:
Hi, formerly pretty kitchen.
Ummm...yeah...Our entire living room was also covered, as well as the doors to our closets. I had a rough day because I felt like I was getting sick. All I wanted was to come home, cook some comfort food, and RELAX! hahaha! Was I for this surprise! I had brought all the ingredients to cook our meal and after 30 minutes of trying to decide what to do, I went to work. I cooked on the floor in one of our portable grill pans. It gave us a great excuse to enjoy the nice weather with a glass of Argentinian red wine and a homecooked delicious comfort food meal:
Homemade green curry shrimp over basmati rice, greek salad, & hummus!

Today, I awoke to the workers coming in for Day 2. When I came home, I found actual demolition and a new found pipe leak! Really?! They had to stop demolishing until tomorrow at 6am- when a new inspector can come in and go into our attic to try to figure out what's going on. Meanwhile, both G & I had to pack for our weekends [both leaving for different things], and our home is upside down... All my closet things are divided into three rooms. Clothes is by my bed, jackets, belts and scarves in the gym, and 100+ pairs of shoes (I know, I know) and all my accessories in the office. Ugh. If you know me, you know how organized I like having everything. If things aren't, I feel like a mess. Well, let's just say I am a HUGE mess right now and cannot wait until everything has found it's place again. The main positive out of all of this, is that we have been trying to declutter and this is the perfect way to do it. I'm going to go through ALL my clothes and make piles for eBay/yard sales; keep; throw away; donate; recycle party. Yes, I'm going to have a recycle party and teach my friends how to make new clothes out of old ones. Back in high school I learned how to sew and became accustomed to making my own weird creations. In college, I went crazy with it and started recycling clothes for my friends, too. Once out of college, I started my own little DIY clothing company, "Cinnamon Clothing Co." I'm a huge DIYer with eeeverything I do and enjoy making things instead of buying them. But I think that'll be another post on its own. ;)

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of what I'm dealing with:

Poopy Times

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