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This weekend has wrapped up quickly. I suppose there's still one full day left of it and I am trying to make a conscious effort to stop viewing Sundays as the end of my weekend. Instead, I want to start feeling as Sunday is my day to re-energize by doing limited activities! This weekend may or may not include that! My house remains a mess...I am SO uncomfortable being home right now. I cannot stand everything being so disorganized. :/ But enough about that, as I do not want to focus on the stuff that does not need to consume the limited space in my mind for worries! :]

This weekend, we had our biggest invitational for CC- in Huntington Beach, CA. There were 85 schools competing and over 4,400 students. AMAZING! It was the longest meet yet and the one with nicest weather, as well. Talk about lucking out in SoCal weather! It was such a gorgeous day! My weekend with my kiddos started Friday at noon and lasted until late tonight. There's something so amazingly awesome about going out of town with such great teenagers- so much bonding, understanding and insights take place that leave one in awe in reflection and retrospect. I love learning new antics, experiences and personality traits that make my kiddos who they are. I love being a coach! It's such a rewarding experience! No matter how they perform, nothing beats teaching and motivating another human being to push themselves, believe in themselves, and find inner strength beyond preset expectations. It is an unworldly experience to see those who trust you, believe in themselves to push their mental and physical strength to the limits and beyond.


I felt especially proud to be competing in Southern California, my first love. Seeing high schools that I competed against when I was in my secondary education phase was nostalgic and exciting. Even more so, was seeing parts of me there. In other words, my CC kiddos were all wearing our new team shirts. The super rad part was that not only were we easily identifiable as a team, but SO many other teams paid us compliments. I couldn't help but feel pride and a sense of accomplishment, as I designed our shirts this year, and my wonderful husband created the designs for us. Another one bites the dust! So rad. I also got tons of compliments on my new Vans- compliments to the same awesome guy- via my own Cinnamon designs. :)

My running partner & Mirror, Bre and I, really enjoyed out trip this weekend! Not only did we get to further bond with our team, but we also got to do some shopping (hello, my faved H&M & UO); rock waterfall braids; get my homecoming dress (I was going for a gold sequin dress I saw on Pinterest, but it was not to any avail- but found a cute black sequined alternative I'm hoping to be able to rock well); & still make it back home for a celebratory night of Cuba Libres and Darts! <3

waterfall braid




A trip to SoCal cannot be complimented better than a trip to Yogurtland- especially when Pumpkin froyo is being offered with breast cancer awareness ribbons!

A special and absolutely HUGE thank you to my Roomie, Mritz, who went above and beyond to find me among 4,400+ people to visit me for literally 10 minutes max, in between a long drive and a wedding! What an amazing, beautiful soul you are!!! <3 Thank you for making me feel so loved and special!!!!

My Is & BBB- I KNOW you were there in spirit and I am 10000000% sure of that!! <3

While I enjoyed working in SoCal, my husband took a road trip to NorCal to an awards ceremony. He was a finalist in a media award competition against major cities and states on this side of the U.S....Absolutely amazing! What a talented guy I married! He deserves all the recognition in the world for his hard work and dedication! <3 But he's not due to be home for another 24 hours and I couldn't be missing him more. Being home when it's a mess and you're lonely, makes one feel like a mess. I don't like it! Bahhumbug!











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