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// ivf round two: embryo transfer //

despite how tired i was last night, i could not fall asleep! i finally did sometime after 12am, and woke at 4:30am, unable to go back to bed. so i did the next best thing: i prayed. i prayed nonstop, with humility and faith. the night before, i couldn't help feeling mainly excited. by this point, i was terrified, excited and humbled. i had no idea what stage our embryos would be in.
the alarm finally went off at 6am and by 7am, we sat in the waiting room of our clinic. within 5 minutes, they called us back. we got the same nurse as last transfer, she was so sweet and totally remembered us. she said she teared up last time for us. it felt like an eternity before our doctor walked in with news, so we prayed some more. around 7:25am he walked in with good news. 2 of our embryos were already starting to hatch and 7 others were going to be observed until tomorrow to see if they would also hatch. we decided to transfer one (whichever the embryologist felt was best), and freeze the other- our prayers answered. 

the whole process was so exciting. so much so that i didn't realize right away that i was disrobed from the waist down, uncovered throughout the majority of it. talk about going through this so often. anyway, it was absolutely magical to see our little embaby go into me. we were so emotional. we had to wait about 30 minutes before leaving and we were back to our hotel by 8:30am. 

and now we wait. the dreaded, hopeful, long, everlasting, two week wait!

grow, embaby, grow! we promise we'll make it worthwhile! <3

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