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// beyonce themed bachelorette party //

a little bit over a year ago, i was honored to be the maid of honor for the raddest, coolest, feyonce ever: isa! isa and i met our freshman year at UCLA; we were neighbors! sadly for me (actually her), she wasn't very fond of me and yet somehow, by the end of that first year, our relationship had developed into becoming the best of friends. throughout the years, our friendship has grown stronger and we are family to each other. she is this talented, amazing, cool, fun woman and decided she wanted a beyonce themed bachelorette weekend in palm springs. i immediately started searching on pinterest and online and there was ZERO out there. so i had to go to my own skillz and came up with the following:

p.s. i know it's a year later, but i just found these pictures on my computer! ;)


naughty girl pancakes


custom menus at dinner

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