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// easter 2015 //

this easter was so much fun! we woke (like this) and the first thing oliver asked was if the easter bunny filled his basket! it was so cute to watch him get excited over this! we read about jesus and the reason we celebrate easter and counted all of our blessings!

we always go to momma's and poppa's house for easter festivities. this year, i got to make breakfast and it was a hit! 

the day before, we painted eggs but o was more interested in peeling and eating them. i think he ate three. 

and somehow, my hands ended up way more stained than his. i should focus on the eating part more. 

the boys had their egg hunt on sunday:

that night, he dressed himself in his pjs, like this, haha!

the following day consisted of bunny food and egg salads and mama having a day off from work!

and still wearing his bunny ears and slippers for our morning walk.

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