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// 23 months //

Wah, how are we here? 23 months?! Grateful for my baby's health but wow- already almost 2!  I can't believe it! I really need to start planning his birthday celebration! Eek!
Next month's update will be my last one of this style. From January on, I'm going to Project 52: one photo a week that represents my son.
A few years ago, I started  "Project 365: 365 days of mi vida loca" and only got 1/3 of the way through before I quit. I think this one will be fun!

31.5 lbs.

-visiting Nana's neighbors

-watching for the mail man, trash truck, school bus, etc.
-taking pictures: "cheeeeese, mama!"

-jumping, spinning,  dancing
-stealing our phones to talk, take selfies and dial numbers with one finger like he means business!
-accessorizing all of his outfits: he now tells us what he wants to wear.


Oh man, the infamous Terrible Twos have officially begun this month. This boy is sassy, stubborn, and strong-willed. He gets mad and runs to a corner for his own time-out from us! He yells "no!" and tells us "umph!" And he means it. When he gets something stuck in his mind, it is difficult to convince him any other way. Our sweet boy is there, but his stubborn righteousness surpasses it and makes it a pure necessity to be as patient as ever!  
He stretches me to my limits, has me doubt and question my parenting, and forgives me with ease; reminding me to do the same. I adore him for all that he is and all that he will become.

Insists on doing EVERYTHING himself
2 seconds later


This month has been no different from any prior. Sleep is still extremely difficult to come by at night. He continues to fight it and cries every single night. He attempts to negotiate and even when we give in, he still will find any excuse to not hold his end of the bargain. No sleep is hard!

  New Words: 
Oh, boy. We are in the simple sentences stage and loving it. 
He is able to communicate a lot more with us so much so that when he cannot convey what he means, it leads to lots of frustration from his end. 
He also tells us to go buy things and fix things:
"Mama, cookies? Buy it"
"Mama, broke it? Fix it!"
Okay, Bubba. 

Favorite Foods: 
oh food. he loves it still but only on his accord. meaning, if what we are having does not appease him at that moment, game over. It is extremely frustrating for us. 
But he remains super in love with pizza and whenever he sees any type of flat rectangular/square box, he immediately gets excited and screams "pi-zza!!!" 

Favorite Things: 
his baby
Pushing and pulling items that are way too big for him (strollers and shopping carts)
Trash Cans/Trucks
Mail Carriers
Christmas lights/trees
Twinning with Mama

Signature Moves: 
He grabs his knees and shakes his booty!
Telling us he did not poop when he obviously did
every day he drags a chair from the dining room to the kitchen because he refuses to eat in his high chair- awesome. only not. 
fixing everything.
He now purses his lips to give kisses and after he says no!

Mommy's Proudest Moment: 
I was planking and Oliver climbed my back. I thought it'd be cool to do push-ups. After the two I was able to muster, I came down to quick and he flipped over my shoulders and landed hard. Oops! still so sorry, dude!!!]

Daddy's Proudest Moment:
Daddy decided to leave Oliver sans-diaper. I told him to hurry as I knew he would pee. Below is Oliver's pee in the span of five minutes. This is NOT all of it. Hahahahaha!

This Month's Highlights:
- the weather become cooler/cold and we got to wear tons of our winter wear! Last year, we didn't get to use any!
-We celebrated Thanksgiving
-we found out Daddy is Cancer-Free!
-We took our Christmas pictures
-We hung out with family
-We went to Sea World
-You hung out with Santa
-We decorated for Christmas
-You had a sleepover with your cousin
-Our friend, Carson stayed the week with us
-We spent another day in San Diego with our friends
-We celebrated Friendsmas &
-We hung out in LA and stayed until Christmas!
(I'll make those pictures a separate post because there are too many)!

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