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// on colloquialism + summer's end //

I recently realized that a lot of the words and phrases that I have casually picked up are super negative!

Case and point:

"i die!"
"shut your face!"
"get out of here!"
"you're on fia!"

& that doesn't even begin to count my favorite word that begins with the letter 'f' and i use as a verb, noun, and adjective. 

I know I have more but those just came to mind and made me laugh! What are yours?

On another note, yesterday was my last full day off for summer break and I got to spend the entire day with my little man. We woke up, worked out, and rushed out the door to meet our bffers. We went to the library and had soo much fun with them, as always!
Asher & Titi twinning! Love my little guy!! xo
O practiced how to stick out his tongue at people after going to work with Mama for three whole hours!

Twinning since 2013

In the evening, we played ball outside & then O and I made pizza for dinner!


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