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// 18 months: 1.5 years young //

This picture seems to capture your essence: amazing style; loud; non-stop; determined

Age: Ahhh, I have to admit, I have not been looking forward to 18 months! Primarily because it is the official toddler stage. Babyness seems so long ago and yet this baby boy of ours, still is our tiny baby!
Happy big baby boy
our perfection
Stats: Almost 33 inches tall and almost 29 lbs!

Activities: Playing basketball, throw everything that is or resembles a ball, anything with a motor, getting into his car, loves to play pretend (cooking), his blender, going on bike rides, chasing Honey Munster, give loves, identify things he knows (i.e. all his body parts), eat Honey's dog food, loves being outdoors and of course, taking out the trash!
Sunset walk with Honey Munster
Moods: Boy oh boy, is his personality expanding! This little boy is not afraid to voice how he feels. He tends to get frustrated when we do not understand what he wants, when we don't allow him to do what he wants, and when he is overtired/hangry. He runs away from us and either throws himself, or something that is in his hand, as hard as he can. Luckily, he is quick to get rid of these moods and go back to being his "normal" self, which is happy and energetic!
such a DIYer, like mama
Sleep: I seriously wonder when I will finally be able to write that he is sleeping consistently through the night. I think the changes in my work schedule definitely have messed with his sleep patterns- but I still cannot say that he is sleeping through the night. :/
Living the life- and blonde!
New Words: He is repeating everything! His new words are:
-mama (grandma)
-mama (with an accent in Spanish for mommy)
-nonononononono (also in Spanish)
-ayayai (also in Spanish)
-bu-bree (blueberry)
-Augh with a scrunched up nose and 
-Tash (trash)
-Tash Tuck (trash truck)
-bewwies (strawberries)
-bubewwies (blueberries)
-pacays (pancakes)
-hoffs (horse)
-caws (cars)
*As I'm typing this, I am realizing that you really are repeating anything we say daily. Every day is a plethora of new vocabulary! It's exciting and astonishing to experience such rapid growth and development! We are amazed!
Mamas- get your baby a kiddie pool at the beach! & bring baby powder!
Favorite Foods: Oliver is still loving on all foods! He especially loves his snacks- fruits, crackers, string cheese, bread, broccoli, etc. But he has also started being picky this month. Some days he likes tomatoes, while others he devours them!
Monkeying around at the SD Zoo // where someone also took his favorite hat :(
Nursing: 18 months strong! We have continued to revert from once a day to anytime, since I have had such a flexible work schedule. But I am about to leave him for 48 hours and hope he does well enough to seriously start the weaning process. I have no clue and am not getting too ahead of myself but hope for whatever is best for each and both of us!

Favorite Things: This month he has become obsessed with playing kitchen: he cooks, cleans, and has us taste his pretend creations. 
Playing on the beach
Signature Moves: Oliver started doing burpees! Cutest thing ever! It amazes me how much he picks up from what we do! We really are influential in his life!
chubby baby feet in the sand
Mommy's Proudest Moment: Most definitely when I was talking on the phone and said my favorite four-letter word and he repeated it. Then when he did, I said another four-letter word and he repeated THAT one. Ahhh, yeah. Proud mama (where's the monkey covering its eyes emoji?)!

Daddy's Proudest Moment:  In our daily never ending task of hearing you laugh, Daddy was trying to make you laugh! You were playing catch with each other, when Daddy was threw the ball up and realized you were cracking up when it reached the ceiling. The last time he threw it, it hit our ceiling fan lightly, but with enough force to ricochet to our hanging wine glasses and break one! Daddy still accomplished his goal is making you laugh...Mama will be laughing when you think it's funny to break wine glasses, too....#not

This Month's Highlights:
- you celebrated your second 4th of July!
Mama themes your holidays to the max!
- you were the star for a local business' commercial! I mean, really?! We are starting you a tiny college fund this month :)
-we went on our second annual family vacation in San Diego. We rented a condo on the beach and you had the absolute best time. Such a natural water baby! You even got to touch a shark and went out to look for it every day that we were there. We definitely need to relocate near the ocean, just for you! Lots of beach time, family time, bike rides, stroller runs, beach park adventures, work outs, good food, sun, r & r!
west coast, best coast
-You got so sick, baby. A viral throat infection. With mouth sores and a high fever. You wanted to eat but it hurt your little mouth so much. You would walk me to the fridge and ask for food but when you would take the first bite, you would gently place your hand near (but not on) your mouth and whimper, "nononononono!" Seriously, one of the saddest experiences! It took 4-5 days for you to recover completely. Thank God you did! Such a trooper, as always!
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