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Week 18...It's A....

18 weeks, 1 day. I can't believe there's
a 5.5 inch Baby Boy in there! 
How far along? 18 weeks, 1 day. I am SO looking forward to being 20 weeks because it will mean we are halfway done. I also hope that by then I will have a noticeable, distinguishable baby bump. So far, it still looks like I ate too much, lol. If it is looking cute by then, maybe I'll reveal at work/school! [Most of my co-workers know but my students have no clue]!
Weight gain: I've been retaining water like crazy this week! 6-7 lbs. It's so insane to think I've gained that much (which I know isn't a lot for being 18 weeks) and to think I will still gain about 20 more! Eek! I am noticing the weight gain in my thighs! Of course my belly is expanding but my thighs are looking large and in charge!
Sleep: I'm working on it now. I got good sleep for one night and since then I haven't been able to. But I desperately need to!
Best moment this week: Hands-down hearing that Geoff will NOT need Chemotherapy!!! It was elation! Best news we have heard about Geoff's health in months!!! He is now an official two-time Cancer SURVIVOR! Our baby is so lucky to have such an amazing dad. 
Miss anything?: Yes, a bottle of wine and champagne. Needing it desperately!!! We are throwing out ideas for a Babymoon, possibly to the East Coast and it kinda makes me bummed that I won't get to drink :/
Movement: My midwife said by now I will feel it. But so far nothing. She said it may be because I'm so preoccupied with Geoff and being sick that I don't tune into it. We got to see our Baby Miracle yesterday and it was the most inactive we had seen him. He was taking a nap and was face down. lol. We did see him sucking his thumb and drinking/eating. Idk, he kept opening and closing his mouth. He moved around a bit but not like every other time where he's flipping and going crazy. I still think he's going to have a crazy personality and we're totally in for it!
Top left: profile; Top right: hand/fingers;
bottom left: hands at face/thumb sucking;
bottom right: profile with confirmed Momma's big ol' lips!
Food cravings: Nothing specific comes to mind. I eat so healthy and great during the day and dinner always ends up a mess, haha. But I figure this is the one time in my life that I get to do this. Contradictory to eating as healthy as possible for my growing baby, lol! But I'm milking it. ;) Yesterday, I told Geoff that from now on, every meal will be our normal healthy stuff and weekends will be a splurge. He agreed, but I hope he sticks me to it because he is my number one enabler! 
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Last Monday night, I got sick (like cold/flu symptoms). Achy body, headache, sore throat, coughing, sneezing. Tuesday, we left to get Geoff's results in Tucson and by Wednesday/Thursday, we was living downstairs and I was upstairs. Quarantined from my own husband. At a time we should be celebrating and rejoicing! Go figure! Friday evening, I was feeling a bit better so I hung out with him on separate ends of the room but still slept separately. We are spending all day today separate too. Hopefully by tonight/tomorrow, I'm good. I woke up feeling horrible but I noticed I feel worse at night and in the morning. I just would hate to get him sick. I've seen him cough with his staples and it was heartbreaking. I also want to give his immune system a fighting chance. He hasn't been around anyone in so long. He is so tough. I'm holding it together with being sick (I haven't gotten sick in a year or two) but inside I want to complain. But he has beat Cancer twice, and hardly ever complains. Definitely puts things into perspective! :)
Gender: It's a boy! We finally revealed to everyone (including parents) yesterday evening on Facebook! It was awesome to finally get it off my chest! I was SO nervous while our pictures loaded. I had some pretty awesome ideas for a gender reveal but would need Geoff's producer skills and he is in no shape to do anything like that yet so we went the simple route. Geoff said he didn't want anything that was already popular- no colored balloons popping out of a box and no cakes with colored filling. Although both I was planning on using for our original reveal...One of our loves had taken a picture with a photo app a few weeks ago that we thought was the coolest thing in the world; it made me smile so huge in the hospital. She told me it was an app and I casually mentioned how cool it would be if we could do gender signs or the alphabet. She told us you could! So we figured that would be a cool but easy way to reveal. We had already made a mustache on an ultrasound picture so decided to use both of them together. Good reactions from our loved ones!
Our Gender Reveal Announcement
I loved hearing everyone's guesses beforehands, except the super pushy ones that claimed to know exactly what the gender was. Listen, you're not psychic and your "feeling" is either going to be right or wrong, 50/50- call it what it is, a lucky guess! 
Sidenote rant: Being pregnant, has made me irritable, haha. People can be so self-righteous and before, the psychologist in me would rationalize and never let it bother me, but now, it is simply annoying. The other thing that I am noticing, is that I am giving some friends too much IN. I don't know how to explain it...I suppose, I am sharing in these super special and/or personal things going on in our lives (mainly Geoff's medical condition and our Miracle Baby), and it is like hearing today's weather. No big deal. I've always been a giver in relationships/friendships. But I think I'm going to start pulling back because what's the point. Someone bigger and more important than ourselves is about to come into our lives. I rather spend all my energy on him than on making people special in my life that either don't seem to appreciate it or don't reciprocate. (Not that anything is done for reciprocity). Being a good friend is something I pride myself in. When someone reciprocates that I want to make them feel like they are on top of the world. But I think I blindly have common-sense expectations that need to be eliminated in order to not be surprised by people's reactions. Last night, Geoff had a talk with me and told me that this is our life...and I work hard to make each close friend in it feel like they are important and the only one. But that I need to stop doing that because it is something that can become customary and expected from me. Yet, when I need it reciprocated, it is non-existant. He's so calm and rational. I pray our baby boy is developing this part of his personality. 
Labor signs: Not yet :) 
Symptoms: Daily headaches, still. Which my midwife told us yesterday is not normal at this she wants to make sure I am staying properly hydrated (I drink only water, a minimum of half a gallon a day- maybe I need more?) and rest...which I know I don't get enough of, at all, ever.
Belly button in or out?: innie! But definitely round instead of oval.
Wedding rings on or off?: still on
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Happy but sick! But last night I was sad. 
Looking forward to: No longer being sick! & Geoff being healed! Once, especially the latter is done, we can do all the fun stuff- like nursery painting and organizing!


  1. It's so nuts how far along you are! Almost halfway, insane! Bad ass baby boy for sure. ❤❤❤

    1. So crazy fast! 2 more weeks feels like such a milestone!

  2. love, love, love seeing pictures of our handsome boy! <3

    1. <3 We have another photoshoot next week, lol!


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