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Weekend Recap

This weekend was very productive- at home. I have a huge "to do" list that we somehow never get around to! I'm on a mission to re-decorate every single room in our home and de-clutter as much as possible. The kitchen and our master bedroom are the only ones that have begun to be affected by my constant need for change...I am in love with my closet and half of our bedroom! And a wall in my kitchen! Haha! Saturday, the living room experienced some changes as well! Finally!

Friday night included wine and my favorite dive bar!

Saturday included canceled plans that left me home alone with too much to do but no desire to do any of them. Geoff was busy and gone since 7am. He returned around 8pm and around 9pm, I decided to start ripping up our carpet from downstairs, haha. I don't know why we work better at night but we succeeded in getting all the carpet and padding off. We woke up Sunday and got more supplies we needed and started removing the glue and paint that was leftover from when our house was constructed.

We had Sunday dinner with our family so took a break for the rest of the night, enjoying food and the company of our awesome and brand new nephew, Karston :)! He is so precious and such a good baby! He only wakes up twice a night for a quick feeding and goes right back to bed. Our brother says he feels more rested now than before the baby! Lucky!! We hope it remains that way for them!

We stopped by Target because my Linda Cochina had told me they had chevron gold pillows- it took us two trips and calling Target to locate them! We asked about them and they told us they were sold out. We left and Geoff decided to call to confirm- when he did they told him they had just brought in 4 more- so off we went again! We bought two of them for our bedroom but I might return one- I don't think we really need two since it's just for decor. But, while there, we stopped in the kids section to see if we could find something for our new nephew and lemme-tell-you...! Kids clothes nowadays is the cutest ever!! I am obsessed with the Harajuku kids line by Gwen Stefani. THE cutest things ever! Everyone around our daily lives has kids so of course I immediately started picking things out for all of our little homies! Then Geoff reminded me that I am not rich...yet! So I put everything back! Damn adult responsibilities!!

On Monday, we woke up early, spent a couple of hours at Lowe's and Home Depot and went straight to work on our floor. Our goal is to get the concrete as spotless as possible so we can acid stain it. Our friend has had his for years and Geoff has always wanted to do it. When we first bought our house he wanted to but I told him no (we had brand new high quality carpet for the first time in my life, lol)! A few months ago, he started mentioning it again so I began to research it and fell in love. But holy!! It is soooo much work- at least the prep. It's seriously ridiculous and I'm already questioning what we got ourselves into. I do know that I'll never want carpet again in my life (in the living room). There was SO much dust/sand underneath- I couldn't believe it. Arizona is SOOO dusty! Every time I clean, I like to have our windows open. Well, we have three huge windows in our living room and i swear that as soon as i'm done, it's duaty again! No wonder Geoff's dust allergies are so bad! Anyway, cleaning concrete is a B!!! I hope we are done by the end of this week!


concrete; sad/super gross thumbelina; Uncle Jefe and Baby Karston; pink!

I was also able to fiiiinally find all the shirts that I had been searching for our Diva Dash this upcoming weekend! We are doing a Rosie the Riveter-inspired outfit for our 5K obstacle run! So excited to see my girls and have soo much fun (as always) with them!

Today is a long day at work! After lunch, I have four more classes to teach- normally i only have three but Tuesday's schedule is different. Boo! Gotta pump myself up to repeat the same thing over and over again! Lol!

I cannot wait 'til my hair grows back to its long length. For the looongest time I had the longest hair haha! Then I chopped it all off to donate it (then found out I couldn't because it had been heavily processed). No regrets because I had so much fun with my short hair but now I'm so ready for my length. I've been letting it do whatever it wants lately and it has been doing this messy wave thing- i'm digging it!


Our Diva Dash outfit; MK rose gold stylee; messy hair waves <3


  1. Oh no! I kept meaning to tell you where in the store they were, since they weren't in the regular spot with all the other throw pillows- it kept slipping my mind though. I'm glad you eventually found them. :)

  2. Oh, no worries! We were going to call you but they told us they were sold out and I had left my phone in the car. They match the color on our wall perfectly! Such a good find- thank you (again, lol)! <3


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