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I was backing up pictures from my phone to my computer (which we all knows mean I will probably never look at them again) and found a bunch of pictures from a weekend in January where we did a million DIY projects! So I thought I would share them here to, you know, prove to myself, that when we dedicate ourselves, we can really get some ish done. AND also because late last night we took down all of our kitchen cabinet doors to paint them and I woke up to a staggering mess of over-cluttered cabinets taunting me with the truth behind closed doors. So I need a little motivation right now to tackle the mess we are quite literally facing. 

Let's start here!
We found a tiny bar top table that would fit our tiny house but it was that orangey oak I can't stand. After months of saying we would resurface it, we finally did! We bought wood planks (did you know warped ones are 50% off? and since you're cutting them, it doesn't matter!) and stain!
see the table in the corner? we laid out the planks how we wanted them, drilled holes, glued them down and screwed 'em in. 

staining // stained

daddy's perfect little helper!

after letting it dry and before clear coating it!

we also found these huge closet mirror doors at a yard sale and bought three of them. two of them are now mirrors in our garage gym and the third, we built a wooden frame for and is comparable to a $200-400 mirror at anthropologie. for like $15!
building the frame after taking the mirror door apart 
daddy's helper

after some clear coats

first stain on mirror frame, which we them glued to the mirror

we wanted to match the stain to a beautiful chicken wire frame our best friends made us and even though we both used different stains, we got the perfect match!

meltdowns at Home Depot- on our third trip there that w

surviving meltdowns at hardware store tip- run to the paint section, pick up paint card samples and practice colors with your toddlers! works every time until he becomes the kid that tosses them out of the shopping cart. 

our new mirror needed a flex pose, haha

and then we painted this whole table's legs. the stool seats were sanded down and stained only to discover that the stain didn't stick, so we painted them instead. 

and painted a little table for Oliver

and made a double desk for our new office

our little table all set up

we  geoff made this pallet shelf a few years ago, still love it

we geoff made this pallet entertainment center a few years ago, too, and i painted it the same color as the table

O's table

our new mirror

a few months ago, geoff made us a new headboard from a pallet

remember that chicken wire frame i told you our beloveds made us? this is it! decorated in valentine's love sent from a bunch of our IG homies from across the US. so fun!

Okay, so wish us luck and send us motivation as we tackle our kitchen cabinets. We'll be doing a full tutorial on it so you can do it, too!

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