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Like a raisin in the sun.

Change is good. Change comes in all kinds of shapes and forms. It enables us to grow and build upon our character; to find our core and foundation; to push outside of comfort zones into areas of hopeful enlightenment and potential improvements in various aspects of our lives.

We hear that you have to change up your workouts in order to see physical improvements; muscle confusion! You need to change your learnings to exercise your mind. Change is good...

But what about when you're ready for change but the cards are not lined up as you wish? That's when patience becomes a virtue. Just.stop.planning.stop.worrying...

Change is common, it happens everyday. Caterpillars become butterflies, babies become children, we grow, we change...But what about when others are changing before your eyes and you don't want them to? Relationships change, distance happens. Distance does change relationships. Sometimes for the better, sometimes unfortunately for the worse...but perhaps, better in the long run? Mental and emotional distance is a different type of change.

When we notice these changes, what do we do? Communicate, right? It's the foundation to any effective relationship. Fear often holds us back from doing this. Fear of hearing that the change is on purpose. Fear that the change is for the better. Fear that the distance has, in fact, happened. In the meantime, are we simply overthinking and overanalyzing? Or is this sensed indifference and avoidance really true?

Overall, the ultimate change has to come from oneself. A change for limited analyzing that refutes to be useless because in the end it is unnoticed. Relearn behaviors to not care as much, to not overanalyze, to not worry so much, to just.let.go.

Ultimately, everything and everyone will fall into place as change is appreciated. Right?

If it doesn't, does it remain a dream deferred?

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